Our Policy

Ro.MAR. s.r.l. is committed to producing sliced bread of own brand and customers’ ones. Family’s tradition in bread production and passion for their work, with a great entrepreneurial spirit, are the foundations on which our company is built.

Our mission is to:

Produce and sell on the market a product with a competitive price compared to traditional bread. It needs to be easy to use, in order to meet the needs of modern families.

The general aims of Ro.MAR. s.r.l. are:

  • Economic sustainability
  • Saturation of production lines
  • Organoleptic, health and hygiene qualities of the product
  • Observation of the mandatory Italian legislation, which regulates besides the hygiene and healthiness of food, also labour law and the environment in which it works
  • Meet the needs of the customer, with specific reference to the level of service offered and punctuality in deliveries.
  • Continuing improvement of the process management

As far as personnel management is concerned, the company is committed to apply the Code of Conduct ICS – Initiative Clause Social, in order to guarantee the respect of the employees who work in the company, regardless of nationality, religion, sex and age.

As far as the sustainability of the production is concerned, the company promotes the employment of technologies, which reduces the environmental impact, such as the installation of a photovoltaic system.

The strategies implemented to pursue all the goals are represented by a management system. This system is based on a constant improvement in resource efficiency, on the supply of the selling service and on the management and measurement of the process, in order to provide to Management information to assess the achievement of the objectives. The Management has therefore decided to develop and implement a Quality Management System and HACCP in accordance with Standard ISO 9001, IFS and GSFS.

In this context, the company calls for and encourage the participation of all workers to derive the company maximum benefits in terms of effectiveness and reliability in all activities required.

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