RO.MAR. s.r.l.

One brand,
one story

A traditional, long-established home bakery business. Bread production began way back in 1890 with Angelo Semenzato, the first of several generations of bakers using a wood-burning oven on the outskirts of Mestre (Venice).
In the last 30 years, thanks to the contribution of the new generations, the company began specialising in sliced bread and soft, white bread for Italian-style crust-free sandwiches. Modern, upto-the-minute mixing technologies and carefully selected, top-quality ingredients today allow the company to offer 100% genuine, natural, simple, deliciously soft products, packed with goodness and prepared using traditional methods.

Today RO.MAR. s.r.l. has reached the fourth generation of bakers, and is present throughout the mass retail market in Italy, Europe and America (USA).

Ultra-modern technologies and the largest natural leavening system in Italy, comprising one line for the soft white bread and another for the sliced loaves, allow for the production of 4000 kg of packed bread per hour, ready to be loaded onto pallets and sent out to customers.


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